• Site Survey
  • Conceptual Design Development
  • Grading Plans
  • Engineered Construction Plans
  • Construction Management
  • Operations Planning and Staffing
  • Cattle Traffic
  • Parlor Planning
  • Wastewater Management Plans
  • Employee Housing
  • Post-Construction Assessments
  • Renovation/expansion

Preliminary Engineering Design Study

  • Site Survey: Land features, topography, drainage, road access, and unique factors
  • Your Master Plan: Blueprint and master plan (optional : with land contour)
  • Report: Cost estimates, recommendation and general report

Complete Design and Supervision

We will provide an efficient, cost effective and usable dairy for your location, including future expansion plans. The works would cover such as:

  • Contour Blueprint
  • Soil Investigation
  • Grading Plan
  • Detailed construction drawings
  • Detailed waste management drawings
  • Detailed specifications
  • Full or partial/scheduled supervision


With our expertise we will build your dairy using current technology and equipment and help you with selecting the right equipments and parlours. We are also experienced building in remote areas.

  • Earthworks
  • Animal Housing
  • Milking Parlour
  • Wastewater Management
  • Feed Warehouse
  • Barn Equipments (water troughs, freestalls, headlocks, gates, etc)
  • Employee Housing
  • Other Supporting Buildings